Thursday, February 19, 2004


The previously mentioned hurricane has wandered out to sea and dissipated. Although, as with any hurricane, damage was evident and life never really returns to "normal." There has been a realization that something major just happened, but the Kid isn't quite sure what to do with that yet. There is a knowing look in her eye our relationship has changed, but she isn't sure if it's for the better. I asked her last night if she still hated me. Her response, "Not today." I can live with that.

GOE scores have come back. I haven't had the chance to really talk to anyone about them (not that I'm into comparing scores or anything, because we all know that they have a way of disappearing over time). Hopefully all of the SWTS seniors did well. And if they scored low, hopefully they won't receive too much grief about it. I managed to pull three 3's and four 4's. Not a bad result overall.

And finally, I heard back from the d.o. of the BSC diocese. It seems that my resume and reference e-mail attachments were not able to be read by her computer. So, I hustled my fanny down to the post office and said, "How fast can you get this to BSC?" I was told that I could pay $13.50 and get it there for sure in two days. "I'll take it." So I plopped down my money, assured in the knowledge that neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor dark of night nor whatever else they say will keep my resume from reaching BSC in two days.

Oh, did I mention that today is THURSDAY and nobody will be in the diocesan office in two days because that will be SATURDAY??? Okay, I didn't think that one through, and now I'm out $13.50. Moral of the story: evaluate all options before making a decision.



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