Sunday, March 14, 2004


Today was my last day at St. A's in my capacity as field ed seminarian. It was hunger awareness day. I preached. Never Again.

Never again will I let a parishioner dictate what the sermon will be on. If they want to preach on hunger, I'll let 'em. It wasn't necessarily the thing about hunger, but rather the fact that the parishioner didn't/doesn't/refuses to understand the limitations of working with a lectionary. So instead of reading the lessons and letting something come out of the text, I took something and forced it into the text.

It did go well though. One of the people in my sermon review group said, "If you have one weakness in ministry, it's not your preaching." That was nice.

I'm also thinking about applying for an assistant's position in BSC. I heard from the d.o. of that diocese. The turnaround time was too short to set up a meeting, so I'm going to have to wait several weeks. At least we're still talking.

Worked a little on cleaning the house, organizing books for next term (those of you at SWTS need to ask to see my binder for my altar book -- it's the BEST).

I know there was something else I wanted to post about, but I've lost it and it's now time for the NCAA Tournament selection show. So, time to see where GU and EWU end up.



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