Saturday, March 06, 2004


So I had my interview with Bp. B of Really Really Really East Diocese. It actually went well. That's kind of frightening. But it was a good discussion, so who knows. I also had a conversation with that "southern" diocese. Not sure about that right now. It's just one of those initial feelings that maybe this somehow isn't right. But I'm still pondering.

I received an e-mail from a member of the COM yesterday. Because of the timing of trying to get evals in and meet with all of the necessary committees, they are allowing the candidates (that would be me) to have an eval with a local diocesan approved psychologist. On the positive side, it was a nice surprise and should help ease the stress for the two of us who need that. On the negative side, I still only have 2-1/2 weeks to get this done. Hopefully this person isn't as busy as the guy in Spokane.

I also need to have a physical done, but that's cake compared to the other thing.

The conference for the Kid went well. She's doing fine, a couple of weak spots, but nothing she can't work on. The vestry meeting was interesting. Most of the discussion revolved around how to get coffee hour taken care of, and there was a suggestion to pay an outsider to come in and serve coffee hour for us. Hmmm.

My Ember Day letter has been sent off, so that's another check off.

And, finally, I believe Mrs. Ref still has a job. She blasted her supervisor and the center manager yesterday. They were upset that the MA's aren't getting all of their paperwork done. She informed them (that's probably a delicate word for what she actually did) that her department doesn't get the same support as other departments, and that the MA's are more concerned with patients than paperwork. She wanted to know what her priorities should be: paperwork or patients. I think knowing that we're only here for 13 more weeks allows her some freedom of expression -- not that she was ever bashful before.

I need to start working on cleaning the house. Have a good weekend.



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