Thursday, March 25, 2004


Not my rocker, but to Seattle and Points Beyond. Arriving tonight, spend some time with mom & dad, and then it's over to Spokaloo tomorrow morning. I'll have a late lunch (normal time for westerners) with my COM shepherd, drop off some paperwork, and generally hang out. I meet with the COM tomorrow night at 8:30 -- did anyone tell them that my body will be starting that meeting at 10:30? Oh well. Then I meet with the Standing Committee Saturday at 9 am. THAT makes up for the late one Friday. Sunday I preach at my home parish; hmmm, should probably finish that sermon. Drive back to Seattle after the service and fly back to Chicagoland Monday.

Mrs. Ref and The Kid are working with Prospective Student Days this weekend (I'll miss it, but I got a cool t-shirt). Mrs. Ref is hosting a dessert for possible newbies and showing off the apartment -- kind of like a Home Show Street of Dreams thing. The Kid will be playing tour guide, getting all of them to the right place, answering questions about what it's like living on the Block as a kid.

So, what are you doing this weekend? Whatever it is, I hope it goes well for you.



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