Tuesday, March 09, 2004


So I'm trying to get all my stuff together for the COM interview coming up the end of this month. I managed to swing a psych appointment for tomorrow (yea), as well as have copies of the previous eval faxed to the office (yea yea) and complete the 150 questionnaire in time so that the new psych person can look at it and tell how psychotic I really am (yea yea yea).

That questionnaire is one of those that asks "have you now or ever" type of questions. Sex with anyone under 18? Drink regularly? How much? How many doctor appointments in the last five years? List every job between now and 18. Any moving violations? Surgeries? Hospitalizations? Drugs? Legal or prescription? Follow doctors orders? Fetishes? Childhood peer groups? Adolescent peer group? Siblings? How many? Married? Employed? And on and on and on and on.

I have two sisters. Both younger. The older one was married for about ten years, then divorced, then remarried. The younger one has been living with another woman in a committed relationship for, oh, about ten years now (on the long side). I found out that they applied for a marriage license in Portland this past month.

Hmmm. I left the question about her marital status blank.


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