Tuesday, April 06, 2004


I flew out to BSC Friday. The rector picked me up at the airport and took me to the rental car place. Got checked into the hotel, relaxed, took a nap, and then changed for the "meet the prospective new guy" social. I wore one of my football ties.

The house where this was held was incredible. A terrific view, and one of the owners is a woodworker -- he's got all kinds of beautiful stuff around the house and showed me pictures of more. There were about 30 people at the shindig. We had a few drinks, munched on some hors dee overs ("or dervs" -- never could spell that word), and I answered the same set of questions three or four times. "Have you been to M before?" "Where are you from?" "What did you do before seminary?" "What do you think about the Gene Robinson issue?" "What does your wife do?" There were a few others thrown in there, but those were the most common.

It was a really good evening. Got to meet alot of the folks from the parish. Said a couple of things that they thought were funny, and was generally myself. As the rector and I were leaving, he asked me how I handled the Robinson question. I told him that I answered it straight up (no pun intended) and that I wasn't trying to impress anyone.

I spent Saturday meeting with the rector. He showed me the church and we talked about everything from my personality to his personality to what he wanted the assistant to do to "what's the one thing that will piss you off to no end" to parish history to, well, you get the idea. We talked about alot of things and it was a good conversation. I indicated to him that I would be inclined to take the position were it offered, but that I still want the opportunity to interview in some of the other places that are looking.

Sunday we did church. It was more "low church" than I was used to, but as long as he's open to other liturgical styles this could work out.

Now I need to get ahold of the d.o. for the diocese and find out what kind of time-line they have for me and we'll go from there. Holy Spirit (the parish I visited) is looking to interview one other person in maybe two or three weeks and wants to make a decision in early May. That might be a problem, simply because I might be interview at Plan B then. We'll see.

So now the big decision is this: Do I opt for the assistant position in a large (relatively speaking) city where my wife would have an opportunity to land a job and The Kid would have more kids at school and church, or do I opt for a vicar position in a small town where my wife might have to drive for miles to work, or not work at all, and where The Kid might actually be the only one in Sunday school? That's not going to be a fun decision. Of course, it's also assuming that I'll have multiple offers. The decision could be made for me. We'll see what happens.

Pray hard. For what, I don't know. But at least pray for the right resolution.



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