Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Okay, for those of you who have been wondering where I've been . . .

The interview in VC-S went as well as could be expected. These are SMALL (maybe I should say 'small') towns. VC has a permanent population of 150. S has a population of maybe 700. For perspective, the downtown area of both towns could probably fit nicely within the space of your average mall & parking lot. But, we did our thing and did it relatively well. Saturday morning was breakfast with the head honcho of the search committee and then a meeting with a group from S. Then it was lunch and (supposedly) a meeting with the group from VC. That 'group' turned out to be the search committee chair and one other person who gave us all of the history of their building and surrounding area. Hmmmm.

Sunday was MP II at both parishes. I did a better job liturgically at the first service and preached a good sermon. I kind of fumbled the liturgy at the second service, but my sermon was better. So who knows.

On Friday it's off to A-DL-P for the interview there. I'm not sure what the Saturday schedule is, but Sunday will have me officiate MP II at one service. They have decided to combine all services that day so that we only have to do this gig once. That's good in some respects, but as Mrs. Ref says, "You preach better at the second service." Hmmm. Maybe I'll preach to the hotel wall on Sunday and work out the kinks.

Now it's time to go get some school work done.



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