Monday, June 28, 2004


Here's the problem with staying on the block too long: The grounds crew starts to make summer repairs. On the surface, that wouldn't be a bad thing. But that's the problem, the surface. Or rather, the floor. Our apartment building has tiled floor. I'm willing to bet that the tile we have now is the same tile that was laid when the building was constructed. It's gotten so bad that it's starting to look like one of those puzzle where you have one empty square and move the rest around to complete the puzzle.

Today is the day they decided to lay new tile. In my building. Outside my door. "Help, they're laying new tile and I can't get out!" Unfortunately, The Kid can't get in either. We had to make her lunch and then throw it at her one Ziploc baggy at a time.

The other fun part is that I need to go sign some papers in the business office. "Um, sorry, but I can't get out of my apartment." This is almost as good as the time that a former student called me at 9 pm and said, "We're locked IN our apartment."

So here we sit. Needing to run errands, but unable to. Needing more boxes to finish packing, but can't get out. Needing to do all kinds of things, but stuck for the moment.


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