Tuesday, June 29, 2004

A.D. 1958

Well, here we are. Today is really the beginning of the end, so this will be my last post until I get settled in the new place. As Mrs. Ref said, "We need to pack like fiends [today]." The remaining stuff is being boxed up today; phone/internet and cable are being cancelled tomorrow, so the computer and tv's are being boxed up; dishes are being packed; those last few things that didn't have a home are also being packed; clothes are being whittled down to only what we need for two weeks and the rest are being boxed up; and we need to clean as best we can.

Tomorrow will probably consist of our last load of laundry here, some last minute cleaning, picking up the rental car, loading up and finalizing any really last minute issues before we leave for Montana early Thursday morning.

It's been an experience. Often good, sometimes troubling, encompassing new life to death and everything inbetween. There's lots to do in this town, Chicago, and we didn't get to do it all. It's a great place to visit, but three years is a little too long of a visit for me. I do appreciate the experience: sights I've seen, friends I've made, issues examined, apologies offered and accepted, and basically everything in general.

But it's time for the curtain to come down on this Act. There will be a brief intermission and scenery change as we get ready for Act IV.

"And so, my friends, we'll say goodnight,
for time has claimed his prize,
but tonight can always last,
as long as we keep alive,
the mem'ries of Paradise."


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