Monday, June 21, 2004


I heard twice from Montana today. That's a good thing. The first message said that they had a crew and were working to get the rectory in shape for us. That means that we actually have a place to go to, since looking for a rental house in Sheridan was turning up nothing. It may not be 100% ready by the time we get there, but it'll be in better shape than when we first saw it, and it will be livable.

The second message came from the diocesan office. They answered several of my questions about the contract, some better than others. But I still haven't heard back as to which moving company they will approve. That's information that I need today, so I'm expecting to hear from them . . . SOON.

But . . . WE HAVE A HOUSE TO MOVE TO!!!! That just changes the whole attitude around here. Packing now starts in earnest.


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