Monday, July 12, 2004


If I thought that the week between Award's Night and Commencement was long, it had nothing on the week before we left Chicago and headed to Montana.

The plan was to have everything boxed and packed and loaded by Wednesday so that we could leave early early Thursday. It was to be glorious . . . we'd be set to go, Jenni was throwing a goodbye party for the last senior to leave the block, we'd say our goodbyes and head off to Big Sky Country with two cars, loads of clothes, one kid, two cats and two Guinea pigs. That was the plan.

By the time Wednesday evening rolled around, we weren't even close. My carefully laid plans were falling apart around me. Things weren't packed. The apartment wasn't cleaned. We were locked into the rental car deal. The stress level was increasing. Mrs. Ref had homicidal thoughts while I had suicidal thoughts. From Monday to Wednesday did indeed feel like 22 Years.

And then Grace.

Our fellow seminarians and friends pulled us out, pulled us up, made us relax and enjoy ourselves, and offered the greatest gift they could give -- themselves. They would finish the packing and preparing our stuff so that it was all ready when the moving company showed up. It was amazing and we both cried profusely. There aren't enough "thank you's" to go around, but I'll try.

Thanks to Jenni for the party. Thanks to Stephanie for hosting the party. Thanks to Aune for taking charge. Thanks to Jane for knowing. Thanks to Wes and Mark and Cliff and Susie and everyone else whom I am forgetting for your willingness to bail me out of my own mess. Without a doubt, you gave the greatest gift you could give us. Love you all.


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