Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Will you give me a ride???"

The girls arrived home Monday (see posts below). When iPod wires hold their shape and it feels like you're pushing the clutch through cold molasses, you know it's cold. it was 20 below zero when we hit Butte.

Being the nice dad that I am, I told The Kid that I would give her a ride to school Tuesday morning, what with it supposed to be -20 or so. Well, it wasn't actually that bad . . . it was only -13. I gave her a ride anyway.

Today she asked for another ride and I agreed because, well, I'm such a pushover. I got outside and it felt downright balmy. So I shoveled the walk while I waited for her to get out to the car.

Dropped her off, came in and checked the weather report. It's 8! As in, Above Zero! As in, 21 Degrees Warmer Than Yesterday!

She's walking tomorrow.


~**Dawn**~ | 1:32 PM, January 23, 2008  

Seriously?! EIGHT degrees?! Tack a 7 in front of the 8 and you will understand why I live where I do. ;-)

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