Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ash Wednesday

Yesterday we had our traditional Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner up in VC. Turnout was lower than in past years, but we still had a good time and there were plenty of pancakes, sausages and eggs to go around. If you're still a little fuzzy on the whole Shrove Tuesday thing, here's a great link for you; a little serious and a little fun all at once ("Shroves can't be bought, they can only be Lent.").

And today Lent begins. Here in the Ruby Valley most of the local churches participate in an ecumenical/community breakfast. Food is served at 6:30 and we're finished by 7:30 so that people can still get to work on time. Although, judging from the general age of the people at breakfast, that doesn't seem to be a concern of most of them anymore.

Ash Wednesday is a traditional day of fasting, so at this first one I just have juice. Although, I gotta tell you, starting the day by fasting and shoveling snow is probably not ideal.

Today I need to finish up my notes for the first Lenten study session we are doing. Sort of a confirmation/TEC 101 thing. And then we have our Ash Wednesday service this evening at 5:30.

May you have a blessed and meaningful Lent.


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