Friday, March 07, 2008

It's Finished

Okay ... I just realized that it's probably too close to Holy Week to be using that title, but .... so be it.

You may or may not have heard or read or paid attention that after 104 years of use, St. Paul's is going to replace the carpet in the building. Yes, we are getting new carpet. No, I'm not kidding when I say that the carpet in the building right now is the original carpet from 1902 - 1904.

This has been a major undertaking, and it's going to cost us some serious coin.

So I got to thinking . . . What if we auctioned off, or sold, some of the original carpet to help fund this little project? And I was off and running.

St. Paul's also has some very cool stained glass windows that you need to see. Unfortunately we don't have any decent shots of them on the RVEC website, but you can see glimpses of them if you go to the Photo Album page and scroll down to the Pentecost photos.

The idea changed and morphed and was tweaked and updated until what we came up with was a shot of each of the prominent windows and a Hunk-O-OriginalCarpet with a little historical blurb, all framed nice and neat into a 24 x 20 piece of artwork.

I got a call today saying that the first piece is finished. I picked it up and I am ... well ... ECSTATIC would be a good descriptor.

I will have a picture of the piece up here on the blog and on the website shortly. All I'm trying to figure out now is pricing.

Yet another thing not discussed in seminary .... but this is one of those Good Things.


~**Dawn**~ | 10:53 AM, March 11, 2008  

What a fantastic & creative idea!

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