Monday, May 26, 2008

A day off

It's Memorial Day, so everyone has the day off.

I've been sick for something like two weeks now; apparently viruses find me really attractive and enjoy homesteading inside my head. However, I woke up today feeling much better: the cough has subsided and I don't feel exhausted.

It was decided that we'd go to the Big City today, eat lunch, catch a showing of Prince Caspian, and then do a little shopping for necessities. It's been forever since I've read the Narnia books, so I'm sure I won't even notice where the movie doesn't follow the book.

And, of course, The Kid still needs some driving time. So she's going to drive the entire trip. This includes all of the citified driving in and around Big City. I wonder if we'll be able to convince the other driver to tell their insurance company we hit a deer . . . of course, I'm kidding ......

I was up at normal time today, even for a day off, so did some online shopping. I picked up the Liturgical Music Guide for the Revised Common Lectionary. This is a three volume set (Years A, B & C) that, from what I've seen and heard, is an excellent resource for selecting hymns; especially if you don't have an organist who does this for you. And since all of my other music selection guides are based on the Episcopal lectionary, this will make my life much easier.

Tomorrow is back to work. Hopefully the painters will remember to show up and get to work on the Nave. I am also expecting a visit from the local funeral home director, Keith. One of my colleagues mentioned that, since we were moving the pews out of the way to have the floors refinished, this would be a good time to think about creating more space between the pews for easier access. I did some measuring and it looks like we can add a few inches without really losing any seating space. But I was concerned about how this might affect funerals, so I called up Keith.

"Would you mind stopping by the church with a casket? I want to move pews, but need to make sure we still have enough room to maneuver a casket in there."

While I thought this a odd request, he was thrilled. "You don't know how many times people build or remodel a church and don't think about us. Then when they do a funeral, they sort of scratch their heads and say, 'Oops'."

Good to know I scored points with the funeral home.


~**Dawn**~ | 9:24 PM, May 27, 2008  

I think we push ourselves too hard too soon when our bodies are trying to recover from illness & then we relapse. That being said, get better soon! No need to cash in those brownie points with the funeral home ASAP. ;-)

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