Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sick .... dammit

I went to the city council meeting Monday. The clerk had a cold. I think I caught it. I felt myself getting sick on Wednesday. By Thursday, I was less than healthy. Thursday night I played firefighter (sort of) and babysat a slash pile until 11 p.m. or so. Friday was worse, even though I tried to take it easy. Saturday I did my best to take it easy, but had also been promising The Kid a game of tennis. So we went to the courts and just had a few friendly volleys for 30 minutes. Last night was icky. Today I'm wiped .... throat, coughing, nose, aches ... If my life insurance were paid up, this would be a good day to die. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen; nor can I tell if I'm getting better. Oy.

Being sick sucks


~**Dawn**~ | 11:50 AM, May 19, 2008  

Ugh. Hope you feel better soon. I hate that feeling of it coming on & there's just nothing you can do to stop it.

Father John | 12:16 PM, May 20, 2008  

Judy rushed in to see her doctor, looking very much worried and all strung out. She rattles off, "Doctor, take a look at me. When I woke up this morning, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my hair all wiry and frazzled up, my skin was all wrinkled and pasty, my eyes were bloodshot and bugging out, and I had this corpse-like look on my face! What's wrong with me, Doctor?"

The doctor looks her over for a couple of moments, then calmly says, "Well, I can tell you that there ain't nothing wrong with your eyesight."

Hope you are feeling better this day. Blessings.

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