Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Awards Night

Last night was Awards Night at school. Families bring a dish to share, so it's a potluck affair. After the meal various and sundry academic awards are given and scholarships are presented. It's a great little tradition for a variety of reasons.

1) It acknowledges students for academic achievements.

2) It gives examples to the younger students about what can be accomplished if you work hard; something that parents can't always do.

3) It let's the students know that the community supports their efforts.

This particular senior class was especially talented. Twenty-five percent of the class are joining the military in some form or another. The majority are attending college somewhere, and a couple are going out of state.

The Kid picked up a letter for band, and pins and certificates for participation in drama, FCCLA and choir.

I can only hope that this brand of peer pressure takes hold and she works towards those goals.


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