Monday, June 23, 2008


The folks are here for a few days. Got in Saturday a few hours before Mrs. Ref and I got back from our recent church excursion up to Libby/Troy.

Yesterday was church as normal, but then we were back up in VC for a production of "The Count of Monte Cristo" by The Virginia City Players. It was really very good.

Today I have a funeral to officiate at over in Ennis, and tomorrow I have to go to Livingston for a deanery meeting. After that meeting, I'm then off to Butte to celebrate The Kid's 15th birthday.

I have a daughter 15 years old. How did I get to be that old? Wow.

And then, somewhere in there, we think we might get a visit from some seminary friends. He was a junior when I was a senior and now has a parish in Iowa (which is dealing with all that flooding -- keep them in your prayers).

But he's planned on running in the Cd'A Triathlon for over a year, so they came out for that. We got a surprise phone call from them last week. They had stopped for dinner in Deer Lodge, borrowed a Butte phone book because, after all, we live in Montana, and actually found us listed. So he called and they were going to see if they could stop by on their way "through" town. ("Through" being relative in Montana).

I've got other stuff coming up, but that's enough for now.

Have a good week.


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