Monday, June 23, 2008

Sermon thoughts

For the last three weeks, our gospel readings have pretty much come from Matthew 10. There's a whole lot of inviting, evangelizing and proclaiming going on there. And this coming Sunday's gospel finishes it all off. Whereas the previous weeks lessons have come from something like 9:35 - 10:12, 10:13-30, and 10:31-41 (or something like that -- don't quote me, I don't have my book in front of me; suffice it to say that the previous weeks readings have been long), this coming Sunday is 10:42-44.

That's it. Two verses -- well, okay, three verses. It's really short. And it wraps up the whole invitation, evangelism and proclamation theme.

Instead of preaching that, however. I'm going to tackle the OT reading -- Genesis 22.

Not the whole chapter, but the major portion of it. The Binding of Isaac.

This should be interesting. And I'm glad this wasn't the reading on Father's Day.


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