Monday, June 02, 2008

Timing is everything

Gas prices being what they are, we're all looking for the least expensive place to fill up. Sheridan is almost always 2 to 3 cents higher than the larger towns in the area, so we usually fill up in Whitehall on our way either to or from The Big City.

I had to go to Helena on Friday for a meeting. I figured I'd wait until Whitehall, or even Helena to fill up. HA! Gas was at least 7 cents higher than it was up in Sheridan. I regretfully filled up in Helena, thinking that gas surely would be higher when I got home.

Not so! It was still 7 cents lower at home. But I had just filled the tank.

When I left for Helena again on Sunday for the ordination, gas in Sheridan was still what it was on Friday, and gas was still 7 cents higher out of town. By the time I got back home from the ordination, I had driven well over 400 miles during the weekend and just wanted to get home; so I didn't stop to fill up, even though gas in Sheridan was where it was Friday.

Today, however . . . I was up early for a run (more like a walk/run, since this was the first one of the season). When I finished that, I jumped in the car and drove over to the gas station to fill up before they had changed the price for the day.

I noticed when I was out walking around town at 11 a.m. that gas here jumped 8 cents.

Yep . . . timing is everything.


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