Friday, July 04, 2008

Blessedly Quiet

Family Camp I runs somewhere along the first week of July. Last year was my first stint here and I wasn't sure I wanted to come back for a second "tour of duty."

Not that it's a difficult camp to chaplain (it's not), or that I'm bored (I'm not), but it's that the session runs the first week of July. Which means that July 4th is part of the deal.

Last year the fireworks began Monday evening, gaining momentum every Single NIGHT and carrying on throughout the week. I think that's the real reason I took so many naps last year.

This year, however . . . we're wondering if maybe the neighborhood Block Watch jumped all over the perpetrators and got them to control themselves. There were a few fireworks Monday evening, and several fire crackers during the day the rest of the week. But at night -- nothing! We've been sleeping soundly all week.

Today, though, is the 4th. I expect an all out shelling. But it's also, well, the 4th. So that's to be expected. And because it's been quiet all week, I'm looking forward to seeing the sky light up.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July.


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