Saturday, August 09, 2008

Best Olympic Moment to Date

Mrs. Ref really likes the Olympics.

I sort of lost interest in them sometime after 1992. Maybe because the Cold War was over. Maybe I missed the thrill of seeing the Romanian gymnastics team walk into the arena in defiance of the Soviet boycott. Maybe I got tired of NBC only televising during prime time hours and already knowing the results. Maybe I got tired of NBC only televising events featuring U.S. teams. Or maybe I got tired of the endless "human interest stories" done in smarmy sweaters in the fireside room.

Whatever the reason, I'd rather watch a pre-season football game, or a baseball game, than the Olympics. But Mrs. Ref really gets into them.

Last night she and the girls were watching the opening ceremony and the parade of nations. I came in just in time to catch this little gem from Bob Costas:

"And there's Dirk Nowitzki, forward for the Dallas Mavericks, carrying the flag for Germany. And look at that -- he's had the Olympic rings carved into the side of his head . . . well . . . into his hair, actually. I'm pretty sure nobody dented his cranium."

Best Olympic Moment to Date.


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