Friday, November 07, 2008

Bar Talk

It was a very slow night at both bars last night. With the time change last weekend, mornings are temporarily lighter, but it gets DARK early; so I was wondering if that might be affecting the locals in VC. I spent about 30 minutes at The Pioneer, and then went home and had dinner.

After that, I went out to The Sump. I figured it would be a bit more busy since they have a big screen tv and there was a college game on. But, nope, not really. Slow there also.

However, I did get to listen to a very heated conversation at the end of the bar. And what was this lively debate full of colorful language involve? Was it the fact that the Democrats now have a majority? Was it the fact that Obama won the presidential election? Did it have to do with any of our state issues on the ballot?

No, none of those.

The Big, Heated Debate was about the difference between a road and a trail.

Apparently some roads are closed October 1, and some roads are closed October 15, while most trails are open year round. But you have to know which is which so that you don't get in trouble with the Forest Service. And you need to use some roads to get to trails. So the issue was, "How come my freedom to drive to a trail is being blocked?"

Lots of heated talk, lots of colorful language, lots of strong opinions. And all revolving around how to get up into the hills to fill your tags.


Father John | 12:34 PM, November 07, 2008  

I've said it before and I'll say it again... You have got to love Montana.

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