Sunday, November 09, 2008

Comment Moderation

For some reason, the option that allows me to delete comments from this blog is not functioning. I'm no computer guru, and I know enough to get by (it's sort of like my car -- fill up the tank, turn the key and . . . it's Magic!! . . . it runs).

Normally this isn't a problem, and I believe that the only comments I've deleted have been my own when I've gone back and seen glaring typos or ideas worded less than clear. I have also deleted Anonymous comments.

And that's the issue here. This blog doesn't get a whole lot of readership, and I've been happy to leave comments open and unmoderated, deleting the occasional Anonymous comments or my own.

Recently, however, I received a comment on my post regarding the political cartoon done by Toles and my statement that the people of some states still didn't understand the concept of "All." That comment was this:

It is your type of teaching that is killing the Episcopal Church.

Now, I'm not going to get into a pissing match about how this person knows I am killing TEC; or about how my two parishes are growing; or about biblical interpretations of All, Welcoming, Other Sheep, and What We Cannot Yet Bear; or about this person's right to disagree with me; or even about this person's apparent incredibly, narrowly focused definition of who God might welcome and their obvious broad-brush painting of me as an apostate or heretic (take your pick). If that's where you are, fine -- I have plenty of people who disagree with me on a variety of topics.

But here's the catch: Most people who disagree with me have the integrity, backbone and (to be exceedingly blunt) the balls to either do it face to face (in the real world) or attach a name to their comments (in the virtual world). In short, I do not tolerate anonymous comments, or drive by trolling by snarksters hiding behind the shield of anonymity.

Therefore, since my ability to delete anonymous comments is on the fritz, I have switched on the comment moderation. If you disagree with me, fine . . . leave a name.

If you don't have the integrity to do that, go somewhere else.


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DaYouthGuy | 1:35 PM, November 10, 2008  

I agree. My long standing policy is that I don't give much space to people who won't leave their names. With that in mind I have a regular commentator who posts only as anonymous and I leave them up. That's because I know it's my brother and he's forgotten his online ID. And hasn't ever gotten around to reclaiming it. A nice person but not the technological genius of the family.

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