Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Surprises

Today I had my weekly ministerial association meeting. Well, I'm not sure you can call it a "Ministerial Association," since it really only involves myself, the Methodist pastor and our non-denominational friend.

We all get along well enough, generally play nice with each other, and have a good time meeting once a week to look at the appointed readings for Sunday, discuss parish life, check in with each other, and have a hot chocolate and bagel. We don't always see eye to eye on everything, of course, and sometimes one of us forgets, or gets busy with more pressing matters, or whatever. But in general, we all meet up once a week and it's a good thing.

This morning two of us were there and discussed the upcoming gospel reading from Matthew and the parable of the master who goes away leaving three slaves with talents of five, three and one. My take on this is basically this: You get the master you believe in. The first two slaves saw their master as benevolent, generous and welcoming; and that's how they were rewarded. The third guy saw the master as hard, stingy and punishing; and that's how he was rewarded. Need to kick that around some, but that's where I'm headed.

And then he said, "Oh, I read your blog?"

"How'd you find my blog?" I asked, not remembering that I had never given him the address.

"It's on the Billings Gazette blog links."

How about that? I'm on the list of blogs for the paper of the largest city in the state. How I got there, I'll never know.

I found a link for Small Town HS Football as well, and checked it out. It's a good blog, good pics, and I'll post more about it and link up to it later.


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