Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yet more surprises

I have a little blog. I doubt if I have what you would call "a following." I don't usually post anything very deep or thought provoking; a little football here and there; a little about life as a small town Episcopal priest and some of the adventures that brings; a little fire department stuff; basically just life in general.

And part of why I don't have a large following, or score lots of hits or generate lots of comments (things some bloggers obsess over) is that I very rarely comment on other blogs.

All this to say that I am always surprised when I hear in real life, "I read your blog."

Today was a VC day. When I picked up the mail, there was a card in there from a relatively local (as in, my town plays that town in sports) address. The note said, "I've read your blog for a long time -- Thanks."

Well, it also said some other stuff, but that doesn't need to go up here.

So, to PB: You're welcome ... and thanks.


~**Dawn**~ | 9:39 AM, November 14, 2008  

Every time I think I have a vague idea how many people read my blog, I am surprised to learn there may be more. I use Google Reader to keep track of when the blogs I enjoy update. I am also subscribed to my own blog to make sure that its feed is updating properly for anyone who may wish to subscribe. By defualt, now I know that 33 people use Google Reader to subscribe to my blog. That's about 25 more than I expected. And I know there are more who use other feed readers or just vist on their own. All that to say, I've learned that the readers who comment are apparently just the tip of the iceberg.

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