Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Kitchen Faucet Day 3

In case you were wondering . . . I've quit swearing.

A guy from Mrs. Ref's meeting group came over to the house Monday evening and fixed the problem with the sprayer. That only left me to finish tightening the connections to the water pipe.

Apparently, though, I got them tight enough the first time as they have now apparently self-sealed. Not sure how that works, I guess it's magic (kind of like cars and computers), but they are sealed and there is no water dripping or leaking anywhere.

The final piece was to purchase an adapter for the faucet so that our portable dishwasher could be hooked up. I bought one this afternoon entirely convinced that I would be buying the wrong one. However, the plumbing gods must have taken pity on me and I ended up with the correct adapter. Got that on and tightened down, and now we have a complete, dripless, working faucet system -- as well as a bathtub that drains.

Life is good -- for the moment (but I'm sure that will change).


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