Friday, December 05, 2008

All in all

It was a pretty good week (other than that whole faucet thing, of course).

It was Bar Week, so Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I spent at the the various local watering holes. Monday was awfully darn slow and not much was going on there.

Tuesday was our first Advent Program up in VC. We made ginormous snowflakes using those plastic six-pack ring things. They turned out pretty cool. Next week we'll have another crafty program.

Wednesday was my night at the Stockman where I played several games of pool (rather poorly this month). I had some good conversations, including one with a local parent who has been known to . . . express his opinion . . . at the refs during a game or two. He was very nice, apologized for his past behavior, and we generally had a good talk.

Thursday I was at the Pioneer . . . slow again. But then I went to the Sump where I shot more pool (still poorly) and had a really long conversation with one or two of the patrons. One of whom will be moving to another town and was thinking about church. I hooked him up with the name of the priest in that town and then shot her an e-mail about him.

And today was laundry and housework and the Christmas Stroll . . . which had it's own adventures, but that's for a later post.

Not to mention that I now have bulletins for Advent 2, 3 & 4 complete, as well as a good jump on our Advent Lessons & Carols.

Yeah .... it was a good week.


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