Friday, January 09, 2009


A gift, by definition, is a gift. It is given freely. It is given without strings or obligations attached.

A gift that expects something in return is not a gift; that would be quid pro quo.

A gift given and used against the recipient later is not a gift; that would be blackmail.

This obviously has implications in the Church. The person who wants to gift the church with $5000 for new carpet that they want to approve. The person who wants to gift the church with $1500 if you allow an open-casket funeral for their dear departed Uncle Bob who never darkened the inside of the church building.

A true gift is given freely, without expecting anything in return, and oftentimes without any reason at all other than, on some level, the giver loves the receiver.

What then do we make of this story in which a man going through a divorce wants his kidney back? In 2001, the wife needed a new kidney. The husband was a match and he gave her one of his. In 2005, she filed for divorce. He now wants his gift back.

Can I be happy that God doesn't have kidneys?


Steve Hayes | 10:34 AM, January 11, 2009  

Bit God does have kidneys. He was born with them, at Bethlehem

Reverend Ref + | 4:14 PM, January 11, 2009  

lol . . . Yeah, there is that.

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