Friday, January 23, 2009

One to go

The first annual meeting was last Sunday. It went well enough, although I probably could have come across stronger in certain areas than I felt I did. Oh well . . . Hopefully the message will sink in and 2009 will be the year we make some giant strides.

The second one is this coming Sunday. This one, I think, will be a little easier. The main difficulty for this group is that we are in a town of about 150 seriously independent-minded people. Right now, we draw about 10 percent of the population (hey . . . statistically speaking, we're doing GREAT!), but a congregation of 15 just can't survive. If we could average 20 on a Sunday I would be ecstatic; but there are about 130 people who apparently see no benefit of being part of a Christian community, and that makes it hard for the only church in town.

Who needs to go to a foreign country when we've got a wide open mission field right here?


Father John | 11:23 AM, January 23, 2009  

You really should do all of them on the same day. Yes, it is grueling, but definitely worth having it all done. And besides, the psychoanalyst says I'll be fine in another few weeks!

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