Monday, March 23, 2009

15 of 16

I took some hits in the first round, but my Sweet 16 Bracket is almost all intact.

I mean ... c'mon .... Other than dreamy Cleveland State University alumni/ae filling in a "Wish List," who else in this country had CSU upsetting Wake Forest?

Oh well . . . I still have L'ville, Kansas, MSU, U-Conn, Purdue, MizzU, Memphis, Pitt, Xavier, 'Nova, Duke, UNC, Gonzaga, Syracuse and Oklahoma.

And yes, I'll admit it .... I did pick the Zags to upset the Tar Heels -- so I'm guessing that I'll be 7 of 8 by this time next week.

How are you doing?


Father John | 11:40 AM, March 24, 2009  

Wouldn't know a tar heel from a mole hill, but glad you are doing so well!

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