Monday, March 30, 2009


Yesterday morning I was getting ready for work and it seemed to be a pretty typical spring day. Then as I walked over to the office, it had fogged up pretty good. For some reason I like foggy days. Sound is muffled and amplified at the same time. And there's something about hearing the bell ringing out through the fog.

I walked into the church and began setting up and mulling over my sermon (you'll notice I didn't post one ... that's because between me being sick and other meetings and stuff, I really didn't get one written). And although I didn't actually have one written, I did have an idea of where I wanted to go with it. By the time I got the altar set up, books out, hymn board changed, Emily plugged in and vested, I had the sermon in my head and ready to go. At 8:45 I went to go stand out front and greet people as they came in for service . . . and was greeted with a blizzard.


By the time service was over, we had well over six inches of snow and it was still coming down. I got a call from a VC parishioner during coffee hour who wanted to know if I was still coming up for services. I said yes.

That was ... I had planned on going up. In the space of about three miles my car went sideways twice; and, you know, I just was NOT in the mood to find myself in a ditch. So I found a place to turn around, went home, and called a parishioner in VC and said, "Sorry ... not today."

Turns out that was the right decision. VC ended up with at least 16" of snow yesterday, and we have about 12".

So, for the first time since I've been here, I didn't make services in VC.



MadameOvary | 9:53 AM, March 31, 2009  

When I first tuned in, I was certain the title was an epithet in light on the Zags' exit from the dance.

Maybe next year.

Father John | 5:48 PM, March 31, 2009  

I barely made it to Deer Lodge and before I got home from Anaconda the Pburg group had already called and said not to bother coming over, because they wouldn't be there. I guess it was so bad over there that they didn't even bother plowing the roads.

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