Saturday, May 23, 2009


Up, most laundry done, sermon finished, and obligatory nap taken.

Life is good, and I'm feeling much more normal.

"So," you may be asking yourself, "you spent a week in Atlanta with a bunch of preachers . . . what'd you buy?"

First, let me say that I had visions of buying a few gifts here and there, but my budget didn't allow for that. It did, however, allow for a few books. So here's what I came away with the following:

Preaching the Old Testament: A Lectionary Commentary

Sinners: Jesus and His Earliest Followers (this link goes to the blog of the author, Greg Carey -- that's a cool find!)

Nature's Witness: How Evolution Can Inspire Faith (What looks to be another cool find -- the Clashing Culture blog that has lots of intelligent looking posts I need to read such as, Is this your brain on God? and Theistic embryology, the next science-faith debate?)

Preaching & Reading the Lectionary: A Three-Dimensional Approach to the Liturgical Year

Sex, Sacrifice, Shame & Smiting: Is the Bible Always Right?

So there you have it. That was my gift list to myself. And now, sigh, they go to the bottom of my reading stack. Well, except for maybe the two preaching books; they are, after all, resources.


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