Sunday, July 26, 2009


No, I'm not talking about 1311 A.D. (MCCCXI anno domini) -- nothing spectacular happened that year anyway.

Nor am I talking about the cartilage oligomeric matrix protein -- Gene ID #1311.

Instead, I am talking about miles -- as in mileage -- as in "What my trip odometer read after a 'brief' family outing to Central Washington for a mini-family reunion/90th birthday party."

We left Thursday afternoon for Spokaloo, Friday to Wenatchee, Saturday to Roslyn then back to Spokaloo, and Sunday I dropped the girls off at Camp on Flathead Lake then drove myself home.

I like driving and all . . . but that was just reedickoolus.

And the frightening thing is . . . we're going to make that same basic trip in two weeks when we drop The Kid off with her grandparents so that she may be delivered to the airport so that she may go live in Germany for a year.

Maybe in two weeks I'll take the following Monday off as well and just sleep.


Father John | 12:39 AM, July 27, 2009  

I did read where the 15th Ecumenical Council was convened in 1311 in Vienna where the Knights Templar lost their Papal Support. Seems they were convicted of being naughty. At any rate... I do not envy your 1311 miles as I have discovered that after 1007 miles the buttocks does seem to conform to the car seat causing a certain amount of pain in said buttocks. May your buttocks not receive piles as your car has received miles and may the bugs on your windshield be ever so easy to cleanse.

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