Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I dropped the girls off at our diocesan camp up at Flathead Lake on Sunday. The Kid gets in her summer camp fix before she leaves for Germany, and Mrs. Ref is the camp nurse. There's a bus making the rounds so parents don't all have to make the 500+ mile drive to get their kids; so I'll pick them up sometime Saturday afternoon.

I am spending the week on my own, with the cats vying for attention and who gets my lap and when.

The house has been awfully quiet this week, and that's okay.


Jane Ellen+ | 2:18 PM, July 29, 2009  

So, let me get this straight: while your family is away, you are at home with your own bed/bathroom/TV, with two cuddly females competing for snuggle time. Life as small town clergy really is tough, isn't it? Wonder how long before the neighbors start talking... ;-)

Rev Kim | 11:21 AM, July 31, 2009  

We just drove through that neck of the woods on our way to and from Glacier - where saw a black bear on our hike to St. Mary's Falls. To say that part of the country is beautiful doesn't do it justice!

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