Saturday, July 18, 2009

More on music

In my recent post about music, I mentioned that I am not what you would consider an accomplished musician. In fact, I don't play an instrument, don't read music nor do I sing. And yet, here I am, in charge of the musical worship of my two parishes.

Emily has been a great help in this department. And, according to at least one person, so has my being in a tiny congregation where I have actually had to lead the hymns. This person basically said, "You've gotten better over the years."

However, I am not good enough to officiate an evensong service. Which is why I'm having my good friend Jane stop in town on her way back home from camp. She will dutifully and skillfully lead an evensong service up at St. Paul's this evening in just about two hours.

Here's hoping that we have more than four people show up for the service.


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