Friday, August 14, 2009

The Kid

Okay . . . so I'm a little upset with The Kid at the moment. She left Seattle today (her grandmother managed to get approved to walk her to the gate; not sure how she managed that, but GO MOM!) on her trip to Germany. I spoke with her this morning before she left the house and told her to make sure to call her mother before she left Seattle to let her know she got through baggage check and security okay, and then again in L.A. so they could talk before she left the country.

In short, she did neither.

She called her aunt from L.A. and asked her to call mom on her behalf because she didn't have time. Okay . . . She had a TWO HOUR layover in L.A.

Yeah . . . I am not pleased.

On the plus side, Mrs. Ref and I went out for pizza tonight and we're already saving money -- we only had to buy one.


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