Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The week that was

Did the funeral Saturday which went very well. We had about 300 people show up for the thing . . . just a few more than the anticipated 150. And, true to his word, we had enough food for everybody -- and leftovers afterward that went to the husband's home.

Got home about 2:30 and pretty much collapsed for the day. And then I turned around and did it all again on Sunday.

Sunday services went well enough, even though I didn't have an actual sermon prepared after organizing the funeral and dealing with damage control (see previous posts). So I revisited the Bread of Life Discourse and incorporated several things that happened during the week. Mrs. Ref said, "It wasn't bad, but I wouldn't recommend doing that on a regular basis."

Took the car to Butte on Monday to be repaired. The muffler was loose and banging against the undercarriage. That makes a helluva racket inside the car. Thought we had that done in Spokane, but the job that Meineke on Francis did didn't last but a month; and when I called them, they said, "Too bad, so sad. We don't warranty that kind of work."

I should've taken it to Honest Dave's (but that's another story).

Anyway, Montana Muffler in Butte took care of it for $18.50. Not a bad deal. Then I came home and played City Councilman as we interviewed for a PT position with the town. I did manage to get next week's hymns selected and Ms. Emily programmed.

Then I caught a preseason MNF game and eventually went to bed. At 12:44 a.m., the pager went off for a rollover accident. So I went and played firefighter for a few hours and ended up back in bed at 3 a.m.

Put in a short day today in VC because I kept falling asleep during my sermon prep. Took a nap, and now I'm heading off to bed to see if I can't catch up some more.


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