Saturday, September 12, 2009


Last night was my first game of the season. I took a crew down to Lima for a 6-man game.

Six-man football is an interesting game. If you ever played tag football during recess when you were in grade school, that's about how this game operates. It's the "everybody's open, go deep" philosophy. And the scores are often along the lines of the now defunct Arena Football League. In other words, A Whole Mess of Points to A Lot of Points.

Yesterday, however . . . oy.

The visiting team carried around 20 kids on their roster. The most they've ever had, according to the coach.

The home team carried 8 on their roster.

And the game was over after the first play from scrimmage.

I didn't look at the scoreboard as we left the field, but the final score was something like 72 - 6.

I'm hoping the rest of the season gets better.


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