Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trying to get tired

Woke up at 12:47 this morning, tired, hungry and unable to sleep. Laid there until 1:10 when I decided my stomach wasn't going to quit rumbling. Went downstairs and made myself a pbj, then came upstairs and cruised the blogiverse looking to make myself tired.

I think I'm almost there . . . maybe a glass of chocolate milk and a cookie will do the trick.

I'm looking forward to the weather cooling down again.


Mark | 7:04 PM, August 20, 2010  

I,m not worth a damn on the computer. We go by Mark. If you are interested in the "Rankings" go to the first comment I sent you and hit "Mark."

Mark | 7:12 PM, August 20, 2010  

Hate to bother you, but you might enjoy my satire on RCIA. Have given it to Catholic groups. It's on June 4 2007.

Mark | 11:14 PM, August 20, 2010  

I must have blown it. My religious rankings begin on June 5 2009. I havwe sold the rights to another; but we have not copyrighted them.

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