Monday, August 16, 2010

One down, four to go

I just received my first "Thanks, but no thanks" letter. Although a little disappointed that I didn't have the opportunity to move forward with this particular parish, there are some things I'm relieved about.

There were a few things within the parish that, although not deal breakers, I had questions about that made me wonder if I really was an ideal fit. And, honestly, for as much as the location sounded absolutely fabulous, I'm also relieve that I won't be working two blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. That may have been more of a change than this western boy could have dealt with.

So, the discernment process marches on with four left to work through.


Jane Ellen+ | 5:26 PM, August 16, 2010  

Meh. Their loss. :-)

Mark | 2:14 PM, August 18, 2010  

Hey, I read your posts everyday. But listen I'm puzzled: MadPriest is on my really bad list;he spends half his time trying to move from his present position to another; the other half being crappy. I am RC so thought maybe your bishops made assignments, but apparently not so.

Reverend Ref + | 2:26 PM, August 18, 2010  


Thanks for reading -- I think my readership just went up to four .... ;)

But seriously, I haven't followed MadPriest for some time. He seemed to be getting to bitter for my tastes.

The easiest way to explain TEC's system for clergy is that we can generally be compared to independent contractors. We (obviously) submit, or should submit, to the authority of our bishop; but we aren't assigned parishes. There are a few exceptions -- priests of mission congregations can be reassigned, but that's rare; and graduating seminarians owe first allegiance to the bishop who can assign the person to a congregation.

In my case, I was formally released from my home diocese (no open congregations at the time), so I ended up in Montana. And now I find myself looking for a new home.

Hope that clears things up for you.

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