Saturday, October 16, 2010


I am so confused.

I am currently watching the Minnesota-Purdue game being played at Purdue.

In college, like in high school, the home team wears the dark uniforms and the visitors wear the white uniforms (except in the SEC where they do some generally weird things anyway). But in this Big-(11)-Ten game, Minnesota is wearing their home uniforms and Purdue is wearing their visiting uniforms. So that confused me.

Purdue is also wearing helmets with a rose through the P -- like the helmets they would wear if they were playing in the Rose Bowl.

I'm confused about this.

Purdue is neither playing away at Minnesota, nor are they playing in the Rose Bowl.

Yes, these are things I really think about when watching football games. Well, that and wondering why the Minnesota punter didn't just run through the back of the end zone after the snap went three feet over his head and he was tackled on the 20 while trying to do something. Giving up 2 points is much better than giving up the imminent 7 points from the resulting TD and PAT.


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