Monday, October 18, 2010

Here we go again

Tomorrow is a full day.

I'm meeting with our Diocesan Director of Disaster Compliance (or something like that . . . she's the gal who visits churches for insurance purposes) at both parishes to make sure that we don't have knives in the nursery.

After that, I'm off to the Big City to go get my new specs. Rather suddenly, it seemed, I began having trouble reading small print up close. I probably let it go on longer than I should, but, hey, I'm an Episcopalian and there's not a lot that's different from Sunday to Sunday. Although some of the hymns were a little on the dicey side. So the new glasses are in and I'll go pick them up tomorrow after meeting with aforementioned Compliance Director.

This is a good thing, because the style I picked out tends to make me look a whole lot smarter and sophisticated than I really am. Which is a further good thing because we leave on Wednesday to interview with Far West Parish.

Then tomorrow night, I go watch The Kid's final volley ball game of the year. Because this is breast cancer awareness month, everyone is supposed to wear pink. I'm borrowing a pink t-shirt from Mrs. Ref, seeing as how my own pink dress shirt was removed from my closet a few years ago. Yes, I had a pink dress shirt. And I'm telling you, that shirt, with black slacks and a black tie with The Very Little Kid's tiny painted pink feet on it was a pretty decent look.

And, because tomorrow is so busy, I spent this evening packing up for the trip Far West. Being able to fit all your clothes and bathroom supplies into one mid-size bathroom travel bag is a very good thing.

Prayers for a safe trip and continued discernment are always welcome.


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