Friday, November 26, 2010

General Updates

Last service on 11/21 (see above post)
Movers showed up a little late on Monday and started packing up the pieces of the house that we didn't get to.
Discovered that there are more "pieces of the house that we didn't get to" than we realized.
Bought the crew dinner at The Sump (if you ever move, keep your crew happy).
Tuesday we finished packing and started cleaning.
Lost my watch in the process and am hoping it got tossed into a box.
The crew began loading the truck -- in and out and loading and whatnot in temps that hit 4 degrees -- Yes, they (and us) were working in FOUR FREAKIN' DEGREES of cold.
Stopped at the school to pick up final records, dropped off the last bit of stuff for the Rerun Store, and stopped and forwarded mail to the new place.
Finished loading and cleaning around 2:45 and we hit the road around 3:30.
Drove to Missoula in dark and stormy weather.
Decided to spend the night there rather than die on the way to Spokane in the dark.
Left Missoula the next morning at 10, arrived in Spokane for lunch with friends, back on the road at 1:30 to Richland.
Told The Kid she was driving this leg.
Said Kid did not damage the car or us.
Arrived in Richland at a decent hour and am spending the rest of Thanksgiving weekend with our surrogate family (who also are Former Montanans).
Went to Thanksgiving Day service where I sat in a pew with my family for the first time in a long time, enjoyed a great Thanksgiving Day potluck meal at the church, came home and watched a very good football game and the "divo'd" (inside joke) version of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (where The Kid's new high school performed) and generally stayed up too late.
And now helping get the shoppers out of the house.

So, that's what I've been up to. Hanging out here for a few more days and then leaving for the new place on Monday, all the while hoping the weather clears up for the last leg of the drive.


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