Saturday, February 12, 2011

Four words that make her knees weak . . .

Pitchers and catchers report


Anonymous | 4:05 PM, February 12, 2011  

I love that my team always reports on VD... makes the day much more tolerable and gives me an excuse to wear a nice red dress!

Jane Ellen+ | 7:10 PM, February 12, 2011  

Ooh, baby... You sure know how to sweet talk a girl.

~**Dawn**~ | 8:41 AM, March 14, 2011  

I'm so behind on my blog-reading. My Google Reader runneth over. But you know this post made me swoon, even a month after the fact.

Reverend Ref + | 12:16 AM, March 15, 2011  

Glad I could make you smile, even a month later.

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