Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fresh Start

I'm currently at a two-day seminar for my new diocese called Fresh Start. It's a national program that is designed to help both newly ordained clergy and newly called clergy through the transition process that is a new ministry. It's too early to tell whether or not I'm finding it beneficial, but I think I will in the long run.

Tonight included a fabulous dinner (although still not sure who puts on a better meal, Julie S. at Camp Marshall in Montana, or this place), and the general "get to know you" session. Tomorrow we really get down to business.

I carpooled up with another priest from the town about an hour or so north of me. It was raining pretty hard while I was transferring luggage to her car, so I sort of got in a rush and left my cell phone in the car. Buggers.

Maybe God is reminding me that "retreat" means "retreat." Or it could just be that I was overly distracted. Either way, I'll have to learn to live without my tether to everyone I know -- for a couple of days, anyway.


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