Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feels like Holy Week

But maybe that's only because of the schedule.

Sunday I began the Instructed Eucharist program which breaks down the service into five chunks delivered over the five Sundays in Lent taking the place of the sermon. I'm pleased to say that I've gotten a lot of good feedback from this, and it's only been one section so far.

Monday I was out of town at a clericus meeting that involved the bishop. I reminded him that he was preaching on Saturday at the installation service. Lesson here: Just because you send the bishop an ordo to approve and list him as the preacher does not necessarily mean that he will remember that fact. He's been duly reminded and other area priests have been invited to the service.

I went from there to North High School to watch The Kid play in her first tennis match. She's on the JV, having never played before, but she and her partner (playing doubles) played well and won both matches

From there it was off to South High School to watch Daughter #5 perform in a concert featuring singers from several local high schools.

Tuesday I finished prepping for Saturday's installation service. Wednesday was reviewing the service with the worship committee and discussing Holy Week. Today is our usual mid-week service followed by soup supper and Lenten program tonight and a vestry meeting.

Nothing earth shattering here . . . just blogging to remind everyone I'm not dead yet.


Mark J. | 5:48 PM, March 17, 2011  

Yet? ;-)

Lady Anne | 9:26 AM, March 18, 2011  

Our parish also has soup suppers every Wednesday during Lent - one meat based and one vegetarian. (Is this a universal Episcopalian custom?) This year, instead of religious/comical skits, we have a series of videos on Christianity and Islam. Only the first one so far, but it seems very fair and balanced, and VERY interesting.

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