Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Fellowship Night at the Hockey Game

Next to football, I'm a big hockey fan. Of course, being a hockey fan was easier when we lived in a town with an actual hockey team . . . but no matter.

My good friend Jane told me that she and her family are going to the hockey game this Friday night to see the hometown team play. She also informed me that it's "Fellowship Night" at the game, which means that people who show up will receive a free "Bible Bobblehead."

"A what??" I asked.

Apparently it's a deal where they have various important characters from the Bible in bobblehead form, and she's going to buy the whole set.

I just want the Sisera bobblehead . . . that would make me smile.


C. Wingate | 8:04 PM, March 01, 2011  

What, not John the Baptist on a platter?

Reverend Ref + | 11:02 PM, March 01, 2011  

Kind of hard to have a bobblehead without a body.

Jane Ellen+ | 1:36 AM, March 12, 2011  

John is one of the bobbleheads; but the figure is taken from his pre-platter era.

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