Friday, March 11, 2011

Perfect weather for a bike ride

It started out chilly and overcast today, so I figured I'd be cooped up all day doing housework.

By the time I took the rest of my stuff to the accountant for taxes, cleaned up the kitchen, vacuumed, and tossed the second load in the dryer, it had warmed up considerably and the sun came out. So I went for a bike ride.

I rode from our house to the next town north of us and still made it home in time to pull that second load out of the dryer before the clothes got all wrinkly.

Then I went to googlemaps to see how far I rode. I was slightly disappointed to see it was only 7.7 miles. I felt better when I realized that I also had to come home ... so not quite 15-1/2 miles in an hour and fifteen minutes.

Not a bad Friday, if you ask me.


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