Wednesday, April 13, 2011


On April 3, the sewer backed up into the downstairs bathrooms at church and created quite the mess. The plumber came out and cleaned out the line. The carpet cleaner dude came out and worked on drying out the carpet and discussed other cleanup issues.

On April 10, the sewer backed up into the downstairs bathrooms at church and created quite the mess. On Monday the plumber came out and cleaned out the line, as well as running a camera down there as well to see what the problem was. In short, our sewer line has a clogged artery and we suffered a major heart attack. He told us he'd be back today with a high-pressure water hose to see if he couldn't unclog it.

The plumber came back today with his high-pressure water hose and was successful in unclogging the line. HOWEVER . . . once the blockage was gone he discovered that THERE WAS NO PIPE on the other side. So, for who knows how many years, what's been going down the pipe hasn't actually been going into the city sewer line. Oh joy.

So now we're going to have to have the parking lot dug up and our pipe replaced. And on top of that, we discovered that the downstairs bathrooms, the ones the kids use during Sunday school, was insulated with asbestos. So we have to have the specially trained and certified asbestos haz-mat disposal team come and clean up. As well having all the carpet replaced.

The good news here is that only the bathrooms have asbestos. That, and we'll have a spiffy new sewer pipe as well.

Happy Easter


Father John Toles | 10:41 AM, April 13, 2011  

Sounds like a crappy job to me!

~**Dawn**~ | 12:59 PM, April 13, 2011  

Yikes. No pipe??

Reverend Ref + | 1:44 PM, April 13, 2011  

John: I was going to say something about Holy S***, but thought that would be too much.

Dawn: Oh, we have pipe, but only 54' worth of it. Not sure where the rest went to.

Lady Anne | 4:16 PM, April 14, 2011  

I don't know what happened to my original post, but I know quite a few verses to the song you are singing. Could probably teach you some dance steps, too.

We bought a "cute old house in the country" and have been making discoveries similar to yours for the last thirty-odd years. One of the first discoveries was that the attic floor was made of sheet rock, not plywood. (One of our bedrooms had a sort of skylight for quite a while.) Some prior owner added a kitchen without putting in proper footers, another hid a LARGE collection of gay-porn magazines under the bathroom floorboards. The list goes on.

Have fun. In fifty years or so, this will all be very funny. We've only lived here for thirty-seven..

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